Hi, welcome to my site.

This site is going to be very basic and stay that way because if you have a modem I want it to download fast. So if you're looking for fancy graphics this is not the site you're looking for.... move along now.

It's also going to be as standards compliant as I know how to make it, which means no browser specific hacks will be used. To that end I am going to try using simple HTML and CSS2 only, which is another reason why there won't be too many bells and whistles either.

Having said that it doesn't mean you won't get fancy rollovers, the observant will have noticed the side menu, which is rollovers using CSS only. See the links section for more info on great sites about how to do this. I have unashamedly borrowed this from Eric Meyer's Pure CSS Popups demo. In fact I have used it as the basis for the design of this site, for now. (I will attempt to do my own thing with it a little bit later.)

Unfortunately a huge side effect of this will be that this site wont look very good in anything earlier than a 5.0 browser of any kind. Sorry, you really should upgrade you know. I will attempt to make it still be readable you just wont get any fancy positioning or dynamic type effects.

Also because it's mine only things that interest me are going in here all requests for content you are interested in you can just forget, if that means this will be boring so be it. You have been warned.

On with the show....